WZ-10 Thunderbolt

WZ-10 Thunderbolt in 1/72 scale


The CAIC Z-10 also called WZ-10, is an attack helicopter developed by the People's Republic of China. It is designed primarily for anti-tank warfare missions but has secondary air-to-air capability as well. Kit has engraved surface features, well-appointed tandem cockpits, fine fuselage exterior fittings, clear parts (1-piece canopy and doors), separate wipers, optional position boarding panels, pivoting autocannon chin turret and targeting turret, choice of nose-mounted sensors, detailed rotorhead with individual blades, 2-piece tail blade, detailed landing gear, tail skid, stub wings with pylons, TY-90 air-to-air missiles (x8), HJ-10 air-to-surface missiles (x8), rocket pods and photoetch (seats, door brackets, exterior screens and other accents). Decals and 4-view color painting reference for (2) Chinese Army helicopters: LH93101, Zhuhai 2012 and Feng Lei Aerobatic team - includes stencil data, weapons data and markings, instrument panels.

WZ-10 Thunderbolt
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