HO 229 HORTEN in 1/48 scale


HO 229 HORTEN in 1/48 scale


Delivery after December 4, 2015


Horten finally revives in 1/48 scale!!

Every section has been downscaled but reproduced in its smallest details just like in 1/32 scale!

Of course, as for the 1/32 scale the internal structure (frame structure, Jumo 004 engines etc.) is reproduced in fine details and can be admired after assembly thanks to the external clear parts!
And as a bonus, the engine suspension stand is also included in the box!!
By displaying it after completion, think about the maintenance scenery of that time and feel like you've entered a new world of scale models!


  • The internal structure of Jumo 004 has been revealed!!

The Junkers Jumo 004 was the world's first axial turbo jet engine used in training and combat. Just like in 1/32 scale, visible front and rear intake cones, nozzle needles, and engine pipes are thoroughly reproduces in this 1/48 kit!


  • What are the Flying Wing's "deceleration devices"?

Buckets of Flying Wing, which is not equipped with tail unit, are used mainly for attitude control. Devices for deceleration like airbrakes and drag chutes are mounted on the undersurface of the rear fuselage. Also, drag rudders on upper and undersurface of the main wings undertake the role of rudders that are usually on aircraft equipped with tail unit. When unfolded, the drag rudders create air resistance and slow down the wing. Only with SWS, you can gain a much better understanding of the Flying Wing's mechanism while building the kit!


  • Look inside the cockpit, the pilot's work place!!

The pilot's seat is an ejection seat made of pipe frame and metal plate, and footholds for ejection have been made on the front edge of the seat. Based on the documentation and the investigations into the real aircraft, we have recreated as much as possible every detail of flight instruments and operation systems around the cockpit. Everything is packed into a very small space with just enough space for only one person to sit down! It looks like a real fighter! You can recreate a unique cockpit of Horten by yourself!

HO 229 HORTEN in 1/48 scale
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