Do 335 A-12A Pfeil in 1/32 scale



The Do 335 twin-seat version (A-12), long-awaited from Dornier fans will finally be released!!

Named "the anteater" for its particular shape, this aircraft model that is worth celebrating, will be finally released as an SWS kit, full of its unique charm.

  • Scale: 1/32
  • Product Specifications: Plastic Model Kits, Including 2-color molded parts (clear and grey)
  • Manufacturer: ZOUKEI-MURA

Differences between the Do 335 single-seat (A-0) and the Do 335 twin-seat (A-12)

  1. From the early mass-produced single-seat bomber (A-0) to the mass-produced exercise bomber (A-12)
  2. The front seat (with ejection seat) is almost identical, but the back seat (no ejection seat) has been added behind it, replacing of the mid-fuselage fuel tank
  3. The backseat instrument panel was simplified with only the minimal requested instruments
  4. The shape of the upper fuselage is very different due to the lump-like canopy of the backseat and its fairing
  5. Square panel for rear engine inspection on the back of the backseat canopy on the right side of the fuselage
  6. Foot hold to get in/off, added on the underside of the backseat canopy on the left side of the fuselage

*Glue is required for assembly. 
*The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.



Do 335 A-12A Pfeil
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  • Manufacturer: SWS
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